Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2022/01/05

Meeting Minutes  2022/01/05 Posted on January 7, 2022 by Jack Griswold Minutes for the General Club Meeting on January 5, 2022 Attendees: Jeff Walker; President, N6ADE  Peter Melhus; Vice President, AA6PM Alison Cassidy; Treasurer, N6ALI Jack Griswold; Secretary, KM6ZWR Don Steinbach, Board member, AE6PM Morris Jones AD6ZH Board member Steve and Diana Steps AJ6HM Michael Turner N6DXQ Joe […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2021/01/06

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on January 6, 2021 Attendees: Jeff Walker N6ADE Brent Halpern N2CJN Morris Jones AD6ZH Wendy Lynn KM6KKY Don Steinbach AE6PM Bob Perlman W6BP Mike Turner N6DXQ Allie Cassidy N6ALI Stan Chapski WE6ST Aviva Garrett KM6GQG Peter Melhus AA6PM John Glass NU6P Steve Steps AJ6HM Diana Steps Jack Griswold KM6ZWR Walter […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes BOD 2020/11/17

Minutes for the Board Meeting on November 17, 2020 Attendees:          Peter Melhus, AA6PM         Jeff Walker, N6ADE         Walt Spector, W6WS         John Glass, NU6P Don Steinbach, AE6PM Meeting called to order by Peter Melhus at 19:30 Special Meeting of the Board of Directors Appointment of a new President to fill the vacancy created by Ron Jones’ death SARA Bylaws gives […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2020/03/04

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on March 4, 2020 Attendees: Jeff Walker N6ADE Mike Turner N6DXQ Peter Melhus AA6PM Peter Commandeur KM6TYH Mike Gitschel K6QFO Yin Shah N9YS Paul Wesling KM6LH John Glass NU6P Tom Server NT6S Mike Flowers K6MKF Mallik (VU2SMQ) WA1SM Jack Griswold KM6ZWR John Yontz AA6JY Wayne Opp N6BTU Don Steinbach AE6PM […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2020/02/05

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on February 5, 2020 Attendees: Jeff Walker N6ADE John Glass NU6P Tom Server NT6S Mike Turner N6DXQ Jack Griswold KM6ZWR Wayne Opp N6BTU Larry Hawkinson KJ6GMN Mike McGuire KM6VZL Frank Mayer WB6WPM John Yontz AA6JY Yin Shih N9YS Diane Steps Steve Steps AJ6HM Allie Cassidy N6ALI Kristen McIntyre K6WX Meeting […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2020/01/08

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on January 8, 2020 Attendees: Peter Melhus AA6PM Jeff Walker N6ADE Larry Hawkinson KJ6GMN John Glass NU6P Tom Server NT6S James Lindsay KN6BSW Morris Jones AD6ZH John Yontz AA6JY Jack Griswold KM6ZWR David B. Ritchie W6DR Diana Steps Steve Steps AJ6HM Wendy Lynn KM6KKY Yin Shih N9YS Mike Turner N6DXQ […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2019/11/06

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on November 6, 2019, held at the Saratoga Main Fire Station. Attendees (23) Allie Cassidy                  N6ALIMike Turner                  N6DXQJack Griswold                  KM6ZWRJohn Glass                    NU6PRon Jones                     AJ6EGMike McGuire               KM6VZLPhil Wayman                KM6RCSStan Roberts                 AB6SRWalter Spector             W6WSWayne Opp                  N6BTUBob Perlman                 W6BPSrinath Sudarsanam      KN6EKQChris Donovan              KI6WGKAlex DonovanTim Stekle                    KN6FGHMichael Millen              AI6OITimothy O’Connor         Paul Wesling                 KM6LHSteve […]


2019 Joint SARA / CERT Picnic

The first “annual” SARA/CERT picnic on August 17 was a big success. Held at the lovely Warner Hutton House next to city hall, 56 SARA hams and Saratoga CERTs along with families and friends gathered for socializing and tours of City Emergency Operations Center, CERT Trailer, CERT Corporate Yard Base, and the SARA ham repeater.Pictures […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes BOD 2019/07/17

Minutes for the Board Meeting on July 17, 2019 Attendees:             Ron Jones, AJ6EG            Peter Melhus, AA6PM            Jeff Walker, N6ADE            Walt Spector, W6WS            John Glass, NU6P Meeting called to order by Ron Jones at 19:42 Reports of officers and standing committees: President’s report: Field Day outing Four SARA members went to the Palo Alto Field Day (Peter, Ron, Rebecca, Davina) […]

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2019/07/10

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on July 10, 2019 Attendees: Jeff Walker                   N6ADEPeter Melhus                AA6PMRon Jones                     AJ6EGLyle Topham               KB6OKOBetty Froess                 W6BTYRay Froess                     W6ZFJack Griswold               KM6ZWRMike McGuire               KM6YZLLarry Hawkinson         KJ6GMNWayne Opp                    N6BTU                 New SARA NCOSteve Steps                    AJ6HMDiana Steps                    N/AAlison Cassidy               N6ALI                   New SARA NC Meeting called to order by Ron 19:30 Guest Speaker: Jeff, N6ADE, presented on Introduction to […]