About Us

Emergency Communications Committee

Our Emergency Communications Committee is responsible for coordinating our emergency communications function within the City of Saratoga. The Emergency Coordinator (EC) is appointed by the ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator and the Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AECs) are selected and appointed by the EC.

  • Don Steinbach, AE6PM, Emergency Coordinator
  • Morris Jones, AD6ZH, Asst. Emergency Coordinator
  • Brent Hailpern, N2CJN, Asst. Emergency Coordinator
  • Peter Melhus, AA6PM, Asst. Emergency Coordinator
  • Jeff Walker, N6ADE, Asst. Emergency Coordinator

2021 Board of Directors

  • Jeff Walker, N6ADE, President
  • Peter Melhus, AA6PM, Vice President
  • Alison Cassidy, N6ALI, Treasurer
  • Jack Griswold, KM6ZWR, Secretary
  • Walter Spector, W6WS, Board Member
  • John Glass, NU6P, Board Member
  • Morris Jones, AD6ZH, Board Member

Past Boards