Net Rotation 2022

Net Date NCONCO – ConfirmedCountSVECS ReporterAfter Net Topic
2022-01-02KM6ZWR – JackConfirmed29KM6ZWR (NCO)Drill participation, local, county
2022-01-09AJ6HM – SteveConfirmed29AJ6HMHow many radios
2022-01-16N6ADE – JeffConfirmed30N6ADESimplex repeaters
2022-01-23AD6ZH – Morris (filling in)Confirmed25KI6QXSCross band repeaters
2022-01-30N6ALI – AllieConfirmed28KM6ZWRProgramming your radio without a computer
2022-02-06K6EBN – EbenConfirmed27K6EBNHam Radio in the rain
2022-02-13NU6P – JohnConfirmed29NU6PGo Kits
2022-02-20AD6ZH – MorrisConfirmed23KI6QXSRF Safety
2022-02-27KM6ZWR – Jack (filling in)Confirmed25KM6ZWRRepeater output simplex test
2022-03-06K6BCV – GaryConfirmed24KI6QXSTips for Net Control operations
2022-03-13W6ZF – RayConfirmed25KM6ZWRScheduling a Ham Radio conversation for practice
2022-03-20WE6ST – StanConfirmed25WE6ST (NCO)USB battery packs and Ham Radio
2022-03-27KI6VYI – TeriConfirmed26KI6QXSWhat is a ‘Fox Hunt’
2022-04-03AE6PM – DonConfirmed25AE6PMRepeater output simplex test
2022-04-10KM6ZWR – JackConfirmed21KM6ZWRRelaying: why, how 
2022-04-17AJ6HM – SteveConfirmed23AJ6HMNet Control Script, Elements, Why practice being net control
2022-04-24N6ADE – JeffConfirmed23N6ADETuning Antennas — What can/should you measure
2022-05-01N2CJN – BrentConfirmed27KI6QXSHow your surroundings impact your signal
2022-05-08N6ALI – AllieConfirmed20KI6QXSSimplex test 146.505
2022-05-15AA6PM – PeterConfirmed25KI6QXSOther things you can do with ham radio
2022-05-22NU6P – JohnAllie will cover for John24KI6QXSQ codes, why hams love them. Why we don’t use them much in emcomm
2022-05-29AD6ZH – MorrisConfirmed20AJ6HMThe Phonetic alphabet. It’s use and practice.
2022-06-05K6EBN – EbenConfirmed26AJ6HM (NCO)Exercises with your radio.
2022-06-12AA6W – DonConfirmed26KM6ZWROther SVECS County repeaters, check them out
2022-06-19AA6PM – Peter (filling in)Confirmed24AJ6HMPower or height? Which is better
2022-06-26K6EBN – Eben (filling in)Confirmed20K6EBNSimplex test (repeater output)
2022-07-03WE6ST – StanConfirmed17K6EBNNone
2022-07-10N6ALI – Allie (filling in)Confirmed24KI6QXSPower or height? Which is better (Part 2)
2022-07-17AE6PM – DonConfirmed23KM6ZWRBattery Maintenance
2022-07-24KM6ZWR – JackConfirmed26KM6ZWRDownloading files, prep for an emergency
2022-07-31AJ6HM – SteveConfirmed21AJ6HMThe most efficient mode, CW
2022-08-07N6ADE – JeffConfirmed25N6ADEExercises with your radio 
2022-08-14N2CJN – BrentConfirmed20KI6QXSALT2 Simplex test    (Channel 4, 146.595 Simplex)
2022-08-21N6ALI – AllieConfirmed23AA6PM (NCO)Downloading files, prep for an emergency / Cable types & why 50 ohm
2022-08-28AA6PM – PeterConfirmed22KI6QXSPortable Net Control setup
2022-09-04NU6P – JohnConfirmed24KI6QXSWhat is SWR and does it really matter
2022-09-11AD6ZH – MorrisConfirmed21AA6PMTest Equipment for hams — What do you need?
2022-09-18AJ6HM – SteveConfirmed24AJ6HMPropagation, How VHF works, Direct path, Reflection, Refractions
2022-09-25K6BCV – GaryConfirmed25K6BCVICS Forms — 213
2022-10-02K6EBN – EbenConfirmed28K6EBNMag Mount — More than portable use
2022-10-09AE6PM – DonConfirmed23KM6ZWRProgramming your radio — What to program
2022-10-16W6ZF – RayConfirmed24KM6ZWRProgramming Chinese Radios (Baofeng and others)
2022-10-23WE6ST – StanConfirmed25WE6STAnnounce yourself on the repeater
2022-10-30KI6VYI – TeriConfirmed21AJ6HMWhat is digital radio?
2022-11-06AD6ZH – MorrisConfirmed22AJ6HM (NCO)Think-Push-Pause-Talk
2022-11-13KM6ZWR – JackConfirmed23KM6ZWRRepeater output simplex test
2022-11-20N6ADE – JeffConfirmed25KI6QXSOther Bands to consider 220, 6m, 1.2Ghz
2022-11-27N2CJN – BrentConfirmed27KI6QXSAntenna efficiencies and tradeoffs
2022-12-04N6ALI – AllieConfirmed28KI6QXSSatellites and ham radio
2022-12-11AA6PM – PeterConfirmed22KI6QXSCity facilities and resources for emcomm
2022-12-18K6EBN – EbenConfirmed19KI6QXSSimplex test (repeater output)
2022-12-25AD6ZH – MorrisConfirmed16AD6ZHNone