Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes BOD 2021/05/27

Meeting Minutes BOD 2021/05/27

Posted on May 29, 2021 by Jack Griswold

Minutes for the Board Meeting on May 27, 2021


  • Jeff Walker; President, N6ADE 
  • Peter Melhus; Vice President, AA6PM
  • Alison Cassidy; Treasurer, N6ALI
  • Jack Griswold; Secretary, KM6ZWR
  • Don Steinbach, Board member, AE6PM

Meeting called to order by Jeff Walker at 19:01

Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

  • Change of signature authority for the club Wells Fargo Bank checking account
    • Don Steinbach, former treasurer, discussed the necessary actions required to change the signing authority.
    • Action 1: Remove Fabrizio Corno, Kelly Johnson and Donald Steinbach and add Alison Cassidy and John (Jack) Griswold as Key Executives.
    • Action 2: Remove Don Steinbach, Yin Shih, and Ray Rogoway from signature authority (their presence will not be required) and add Alison Cassidy and John (Jack) Griswold to be given signature authority.
    • Discussion about whether to have a single, two, or three signatures available. We decided to continue with a minimum of two (2) and will approach alternatives at a later time.
    • A discussion was held about maintaining a free checking account status at WFB. Since Jack is currently a WFB member, he will look into this.
    • A motion was made to make the changes by Peter and Jeff seconded it.
    • Jeff asked for the Board to vote on having signature authority changed. All ayes, motion was unanimous.
    • Jack will craft a letter detailing the signature authority change to be presented to Well Fargo Bank.
    • Don, Alison, and Jack agreed to meet at Wells Fargo Bank in Saratoga with the account manager Chris Hrncir ( 408-867-9671) on Wednesday June 2, 2021. The precise meeting time has yet to be determined. Don will schedule the appointment.
    • A motion was made to adjourn at 19:31 by Jeff and Peter seconded it. 

Meeting adjourned at 19:32

Respectfully submitted, Jack Griswold, Secretary