Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2021/01/06

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on January 6, 2021


Jeff WalkerN6ADE
Brent HalpernN2CJN
Morris JonesAD6ZH
Wendy LynnKM6KKY
Don SteinbachAE6PM
Bob PerlmanW6BP
Mike TurnerN6DXQ
Allie CassidyN6ALI
Stan ChapskiWE6ST
Aviva GarrettKM6GQG
Peter MelhusAA6PM
John GlassNU6P
Steve StepsAJ6HM
Diana Steps
Jack GriswoldKM6ZWR
Walter SpectorW6WS
David CarkeekKE6DRX
Paul WeslingKM6LH
Frank MayerWB6WPM

(19:38) Meeting called to order by Jeff Walker

Discussion of the Elections

  • Discussion of the positions (Officers and Board Members)
  • Discussion of the currently filled positions:
    • Ron Jones, AJ6EG, President / Jeff Walker, N6ADE, President Pro Tem
    • Peter Melhus, AA6PM, Vice President
    • Don Steinbach, AE6PM, Treasurer
    • Jeff Walker, N6ADE, Secretary
    • Walter Spector, W6WS, Board Member
    • John Glass, NU6P, Board Member
  • Nominations for new positions
    • Don indicated that he will willing allow someone else to fill his position
    • Jeff indicated his willingness to continue as President
    • Peter indicated his willingness to continue as Vice-President
    • John and Walter are both willing to continue as board members
    • Ali accepted a nomination for Treasurer
    • Jack accepted a nomination for Secretary
    • Morris accepted a nomination for an additional board member
  • A vote was taken via raising of hands for the following board membership (unanimously approved):
    • Jeff Walker, N6ADE, President
    • Peter Melhus, AA6PM, Vice President
    • Alison Cassidy, N6ALI, Treasurer
    • Jack Griswold, KM6ZWR, Secretary
    • Walter Spector, W6WS, Board Member
    • John Glass, NU6P, Board Member
    • Morris Jones, AD6ZH, Board member

(19:48) Discussion of Club Direction

Discussion of: Speakers / Topics / Activities

  • The following were suggestions of topics, speakers, and directions:
    • Introduction to Web SDR
    • The past presentation on the Russian Woodpecker Radar was fascinating thus well received.
    • Presentations on Submariner Comm and former Fort Ord Comm suggested
    • Simple test equipment training and availability
    • Kit building
    • Em Comm training classes
    • Neighborhood Watch incorporation
    • Chat nets during weekdays
    • HF nets occasionally
    • Packet hardware and training/practice
    • Integration of the four Saratoga CERT divisions
    • Half Moon Bay Ham presentation
    • More HT programming presentation/practice
    • Fox Hunt and RDF training courses and practice
    • Signal strength testing
    • C4 and other digital methods training classes
    • Outreach to CERT group, joint integrated practices
    • Earthquake preparation
    • Antenna building methodology
    • Field day preparation class and planning

(20:51) Meeting adjourned

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