Net Rotation 2023

Net Date NCONCO – ConfirmedCountSVECS ReporterAfter Net Topic
2023-01-01Steve – AJ6HMConfirmed23AJ6HMn/a
2023-01-08Gary – K6BCVConfirmed24KI6QXSNet Control Script, Elements, Why practice being net control
2023-01-15John – NU6PConfirmed27KM6ZWRScreening messages before sending, Ask questions
2023-01-22Jack – KM6ZWR (filling in)Confirmed25N6ADE (NCO)Tuning Antennas Part 1 What can/should you measure
2023-01-29Ray – W6ZFConfirmed22KI6QXSTuning Antennas Part 2 What can/should you measure
2023-02-05Stan – WE6STConfirmed23WE6STRelaying: why, how
2023-02-12Teri – KI6VYIConfirmed25KI6QXSSimplex Test (Repeater output)
2023-02-19Don – AE6PMConfirmed25AE6PMPL and DCS access tones and codes
2023-02-26Jack – KM6ZWRConfirmed24KM6ZWRA good second Radio
2023-03-05Davina – KM6YEPConfirmed27Ham Radio in the rain
2023-03-12Brent – N2CJNConfirmed25KI6QXSPropagation, what’s better: height, power, VSWR, cable choice/length, or gain.
2023-03-19Allie – N6ALIConfirmed26KM6ZWRGo Kits: Minimum components and optional gear to consider.
2023-03-26Peter – AA6PMConfirmed24KI6QXSDrill participation, local, county
2023-04-02John – NU6PConfirmed26AA6PMExternal batteries: LiFePO4 and others.  How many amp hours needed, how to maintain.
2023-04-09Morris – AD6ZHConfirmed25AA6PM (NCO)Discussion of DMR radio
2023-04-16Steve – AJ6HMConfirmed22KM6ZWRSimplex Test on Saratoga tactical: 146.505. (If possible, use a handheld radio outside your residence.)
2023-04-23Gary – K6BCV21KI6QXSCross band repeaters
2023-04-30Benedict – KN6WSI (filling in)Confirmed24KI6QXSTips for Net Control operations
2023-05-07Don – AA6WConfirmed25KM6ZWRWhat is a ‘Fox Hunt’
2023-05-14Ray – W6ZFConfirmed19KI6QXSRF Safety
2023-05-21Stan – WE6STConfirmed24WE6STAlternate power — Solar, generators, etc.
2023-05-28Teri – KI6VYIConfirmed19KI6QXSThe roll up J-Pole
2023-06-04Allie – N6ALI (Filling in)Confirmed23AJ6HMCreating a portable Net Control station
2023-06-11Jack – KM6ZWRConfirmed21KM6ZWRWhy be Net Control
2023-06-18Davina – KM6YEPConfirmed16KI6QXSUsing FRS Radios — (FRS frequencies for monitoring)
2023-06-25Brent – N2CJNConfirmed21N6ALI (NCO)Hf what why how?
2023-07-02Jeff – N6ADEConfirmed18Repeater output simplex test
2023-07-09Allie – N6ALIConfirmed23N6ALIHow Technology has Affected Ham Radio.
2023-07-16Peter – AA6PMConfirmed22KM6ZWRThe Role of Packet Radio in an Emergency.
2023-07-23Steve – AJ6HMConfirmed19AJ6HMHigh Power Choices for Portable Operation
2023-07-30Morris – AD6ZHConfirmed23AJ6HMChecking and testing your equipment — Batteries
2023-08-06Gary – K6BCVConfirmed18KI6QXSChecking and testing your equipment — Your radio
2023-08-13Benedict – KN6WSIConfirmed23KM6ZWRChecking and testing your equipment – Go kits & other components
2023-08-20Jack – KM6ZWR (Filling in)Confirmed19KM6ZWRPacket, What is it, why use it, How to get involved
2023-08-27Ray – W6ZFConfirmed22AJ6HM443.150 MHz Simplex Test
2023-09-03Benedict – KN6WSI filling in for Stan – WE6STConfirmed18KM6ZWRCity facilities and resources for emergency operations
2023-09-10Teri – KI6VYIConfirmed20AA6PMPropagation, How VHF works, Direct path, Reflection, Refractions
2023-09-17Don – AE6PMConfirmed21KM6ZWRPL and DCS access tones and codes
2023-09-24JACK – KM6ZWRConfirmed22KM6ZWROn the air, Managed Net, Round Robin, Free for all
2023-10-01Davina – KM6YEPConfirmed19KI6QXSConnectors and adapters, In every Go kit
2023-10-08Brent – N2CJNConfirmed26AJ6HMNet Control’s right arm — Logging
2023-10-15Jeff – N6ADEConfirmed22KI6QXSHow your surroundings impact your signal
2023-10-22Allie – N6ALIConfirmed25KM6ZWRFront end overload. What is it, How to recognize it
2023-10-29Peter – AA6PMConfirmed25KI6QXSSimplex repeater test (Repeater Output: 146.655)
2023-11-05Morris – AD6ZHConfirmed21AJ6HMWhat’s on Morris’ mind?
2023-11-12Steve – AJ6HMConfirmed25AJ6HMNet Control Script, Elements, Why practice being net control.
2023-11-19Gary – K6BCVConfirmed23KM6ZWRStandard channel listing & importance of knowing how to manually program your radio
2023-11-26Allie – N6ALI filling in for Benedict – KN6WSIConfirmed20KM6ZWRWhy participate in amateur radio drills?
2023-12-03Ray – W6ZFConfirmed24KI6QXSDeploying a Jpole in the field
2023-12-10Stan – WE6STConfirmed21WE6STMake a cheat sheet for your radio
2023-12-17Teri – KI6VYIConfirmed21KI6QXSNo privacy on Ham radio