Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2022/05/04

Meeting Minutes  2022/05/04

PostedĀ onĀ May 16, 2022

Minutes for the General Club Meeting on May 4, 2022


  • Steve Steps AJ6HM
  • Jack Griswold KM6ZWR
  • Jeff Walker N6ADE
  • Michael Turner N6DXQ
  • Allison Cassidy N6ALI
  • Don Steinbach AE6PM
  • Aviva Garrett KM6GQG
  • Peter Melhus AA6PM
  • Joe Kraus KR1JOE
  • John Glass NU6P
  • Walt Spector W6WS
  • Jim Oberhofer KN6PE Cupertino
  • Steve Hill KK6FPI Cupertino
  • Mark Laubach K6FJC Cupertino
  • Luke Pannell Cupertino
  • Trajan Pannell Cupertino
  • Todd Wen KT6JK Cupertino
  • Dave Gustavson
  • Penny Allen KM6JUO Loma Prieta
  • Kathy Adams KD6SEI Loma Prieta

A total of twenty (20) people attended.

Meeting called to order by Jack Griswold at 19:30 PDT

Presentation by Steve Steps on Fox Hunting

Steve made an excellent presentation on the sport of Fox Hunting; that is, Radio Direction Finding.

  • The Joy of ARDF–what is it?
  • Subtypes: Vehicle or on foot.
  • Why do Fox Hunts?
  • Anyone can play; don’t need a Ham License
  • Placement of Foxes
  • Equipment needed, both simple and sophisticated
  • Methods–Peak, Null, and Doppler
  • Need for attenuation to avoid overloading the rcvr when near the fox.
  • Availability of kits and specialized equipment
  • The Hunt: Search methods and common issues
  • Steve’s Theory

SARA will host a Fox Hunt on 5/14 between 9 and 11am.

Steve will post a copy of his slides on the SARA website

Treasurer’s Report

  • As a result of banking issues with or previous banker, Wells Fargo, our Treasurer, Allison Cassidy has set up a free account with Tech Fed Credit Union. Though the account is free of monthly fees, the checks are not: $60 for forty checks.
  • The club’s cash balance is now $6206; other assets total $4514.
  • All filings have been brought up to date, including Forms 990N, 199N and the SI-100.
  • Ali is still working on setting up a PayPal account. Dues are $20, $25 for family membership per year, not amortized. Checks can be sent to the PO Box in Saratoga for the near term.
  • Outgoings include the annual PO Box fees, $25 for tax filings, other incidentals, Zoom and GoDaddy subscriptions.

The Cupertino club has invited us to participate in their Field Day event on 6/25 at the Quinlan Center in Cupertino

Meeting was adjourned at 20:44–Moved, seconded, and voted by acclamation (absence of nays).

Respectfully submitted by Michael Turner, Secretary.