Recommended Frequencies

Recommended Programmed Frequencies and Channels

for HTs and Mobile radios used to support SARA

In the course of an emergency, you might be handed a radio other than your own and asked to communicate with it. It happens!

In order to facilitate more efficient (doing things right) and effective (doing the right things) communications, the SARA Board of Directors recommends that all ham radios used to support SARA-related activities, whether HT or mobile, be programmed with the following frequencies on channels 1-14. 

The radios in Saratoga‚Äôs two Emergency Operations Centers and the trailer, as well as the radios at the Saratoga Retirement Community are already programmed with these frequencies on these channels.  We hope you will consider doing the same. 

EOC Frequencies 

ChannelNet or ActivityNameFrequency (Offset)Tone (PL)
1Saratoga Command VHFK6SA 2m146.655 (-)114.8
2Saratoga Command SimplexK6SA simplex146.655114.8
3Saratoga tactical  146.505Simplex
4Saratoga tactical 2 146.595Simplex
5Saratoga Command UHFK6SA 70 cm443.150 (+)100
6Resource Net Los GatosW6PIY147.390 (+)151.4
7San Jose Command NetW6UU146.985 (-)114.8
8County Message NetW6TI147.360 (+)110.9
9County Message Net AltK6FB145.450 (-)100.0
10County Command NetWB6ZVW442.500 (+)100.0
11Command/Resource AltK6SNY443.275 (+)107.2
12Resource Net (Primary) SVECsAA6BT146.115 (+)100.0
13Resource Net (North)W6ASH145.270 (-)100.0
14Resource Net (South)N6NAC444.625 (+)110.9