Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2022/01/05

Meeting Minutes  2022/01/05

Posted on January 7, 2022 by Jack Griswold

Minutes for the General Club Meeting on January 5, 2022


  • Jeff Walker; President, N6ADE 
  • Peter Melhus; Vice President, AA6PM
  • Alison Cassidy; Treasurer, N6ALI
  • Jack Griswold; Secretary, KM6ZWR
  • Don Steinbach, Board member, AE6PM
  • Morris Jones AD6ZH Board member
  • Steve and Diana Steps AJ6HM
  • Michael Turner N6DXQ
  • Joe Kraus KR1JOE
  • Sitiram Ramamurty
  • John Glass NU6P
  • Eben Haber K6EBN
  • Bob Perlman W6BP
  • Don Anastasia AA6W
  • Frank Mayer WB6WPM
  • Gary Moitozo K6BCV
  • Theresa Williams KE5MUX
  • David Carkeek KE6DRX
  • Aviva Garrett KM6GQG
  • A total of twenty (20) people attended but verified member total was seventeen (17).

Meeting called to order by Jeff Walker at 19:31

Annual Review Meeting and Election of New Officers

  • Review of the past year’s club accomplishments was presented by Jeff. Don Steinbach did an excellent job assembling the data and summarizing it.
  • Highlights:
  • 52 Net sessions with 1,330 Check-ins
    • Santa Clara County Amateur Radio Operator Credentialing Program successful advancements. For the record, they are Stan Chapski (WE6ST), Peter Melhus (AA6PM), Steve Steps (AJ6HM) and Jeff Walker (N6ADE).
  • Morris Jones (AD6ZH) headed up the VC testing activities with over 509 tests to his credit. He was a major contributor in creating the online testing methodology.
  • CERT radio transitions to Business Band radios using Baofeng UV5R radios. Morris programmed 82 of them! A big improvement over the former FRS radios.
  • Petersen base radio and antenna installed and functional.
    • Total SARA/RACES volunteer hours for 2021: 1572. WOW!
  • Nomination and election of new officers
    • Both Jeff and Peter have served their respected positions for over two years. Therefore, they are both stepping down.

  • New officers’ nominations:
  • Jack Griswold as President
  • Steve Steps as Vice president
  • Allison Cassidy has agreed to remain as Treasurer
  • Michael Turner N6DXQ was nominated as Secretary, and he accepted
  • No other nominations were suggested nor volunteered for.
    • A motion was made to collectively vote by Peter and Jeff seconded it.
    • Vote: a verbal vote was taken via Zoom, collectively for the entire staff. All in favor, (all ayes for 17 members). There were zero (0) Nays. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Checking Account:
    • A discussion was held about our need in finding a new bank or credit union to maintain a free checking account since WFB has dropped us in 2021. However, Allison had to leave early tonight thus this discussion will be continued upon her return. Aviva suggested Provident CU.
    • No Pay Pal payments can be processed before we establish a new checking account. Personal checks cannot be cashed yet.
    • It is unclear whether dual signature checks will be available or issued.
  • Re-establishment of annual dues ($20 per individual, $25 for a family) was suggested by Jack. This may entice members to participate more, allowing them to “get their bang for their buck.” If membership is free, there is nothing to lose. Last year’s participation in many events, other than weekly check-ins, was very limited.
    • Reduce monthly meetings to bi-monthly, at least until we can get back to in-person meetings once again. Folks may be getting “Zoomed out” thus are losing interest? Jack will discuss this with the board members.
    • Morris suggested creating an “Expert Mentor List” such that knowledgeable members could be contacted directly for additional specific training or to get questions answered.
    • More training sessions were requested on how to program one’s own HT. In person or possibly Zoom sessions could work. Will need and expert on each type of HT.
    • Morris also suggested forming weekend training sessions. He no longer is available for Wednesday night meetings for the next semester.
    • Gary Moitozo K6BCV offered his San Jose ranch location as a possible in-person venue. It is located on Zanker Road and River Oaks Drive. It has a large venue thus should offer safety.
    • Show & Tell night where individuals show off and explain their equipment.
    • Steve Steps expressed how much fun and educational his County Fox Hunt exercise was.
    • Theresa Williams KE5MUX from Texas suggested Kit Builds. Don AA6W showed his Heathkit TNC he built years ago. There are many HF kits available.
    • Club member involvement with HF was brought up. Jack will assess member license levels and will offer ideas in the near future. Otherwise, focus is on EmComm as SARA’s primary goal.
    • Don Anastasia AA6W suggested QRP nets and CW ( for the adventurous.

A motion was made to adjourn at 21:02 by Jack and Peter seconded it. 

Meeting was adjourned at 21:03

Respectfully submitted, Jack Griswold, former Secretary, now President