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Presentations (Table Format) (Newest first)

Fun with Nano VNASteve Steps, AJ6HM2022-12-07PDF
Fox Hunting, The Fun of Radio Direction FindingSteve Steps, AJ6HM2022-05-04PDF
Radio Frequency Seismograph:
Predicting Seismic Activity by Monitoring Precursor Electromagnetic Disturbances in High Frequency Radio Band
Alex Schwarz2022-04-06PDF
Boston Marathon???2022-??-??
2021 – Year in Review Jeff Walker, N6ADE2022-01-05PDF
Calculating RF ExposureMorris Jones, AD6ZH
Introduction to HF Communications Don Steinbach, AE6PM
Jim Weatherford, WU6K
Brent Hailpern, N2CJN
WinlinkMorris Jones, AD6ZH
Get on the air with FT8Don Steinbach, AE6PM
Ground is a Myth Kristen McIntyre, K6WX
Principles of Directional Antennas Paul Zander, AA6PZ
FT8 and the Future of Ham Radio Ed Muns, W0YK
Ham radio related projects using a Raspberry Pi Kevin Hooke, KK6DCT
The Russian Woodpecker Over the Horizon Radar Keith Snyder, KI6BDR
Field Day Orientation for FD Newbie’s (PPT format or PDF format)Don AE6PM
Walter W6WS
Santa Clara County ARES/RACES New Credentialing Program Jeff N6ADE
Brent N6CJN
Peter AA6PM
The Origins of Silicon Valley: Roots in Ham Radio Paul Wesling, KM6LH
Intro to Message PassingBrent Hailpern, N2CJN
Roll Up Tri-band (2m, 220 MHz & 70cm) antennaEd Fong, WB6IQN
Successful SOTA Strategies – Summits on the AirRex, KE6MT
APRS Turns 35. What’s Next?Ray, KF6GPE
Off-Grid Solar Systems for Radio SitesMarcel Stieber AI6MS
Kit Building in the 21st Century (Don Steinbach, AE6PM) (PPT File)Don Steinbach, AE6PM
Introduction to Antenna Modeling (Don Steinbach, AE6PM) (PPT File)Don Steinbach, AE6PM
Cross Band Repeating (PPT File)Christina Sand, WO1NDR
Wire Antennas 101
Small Portable HF Stations