Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2024/01/03

Meeting Minutes for the SARA Meeting on January 3, 2024

Michael Turner N6DXQ
Jack Griswold KM6ZWR
Steve Steps AJ6HM
Diana Steps A6DKS6
Morris Jones AD6ZH
Joe Krauss KR1JOE
Allie Cassidy N6ALI
Jim McGuffin KW6W
Aviva Garrett KM6GQG
Bob Perlman W6BP
Stan Chapski WE6ST
Benedict Chua KN6WSI
Peter Melhus AA6PM
Stiv Ostenburg
John Glass NU6P

19:35 Meeting called to order by Jack Griswold

Discussion of the Election.
Currently filled positions:
Jack Griswold, President
Steve Steps, Vice President
Michael Turner, Secretary
Allie Cassidy, Treasurer

Discussion of need for replacement of “net nanny”, since Jeff wished to be relieved of the job.
Since the bylaws do not specify this as an elected position, the job can be filled by appointment. Benedict Chua was then appointed to this highly critical position.

All current officers were nominated for the same offices for 2024; Morris Jones and John Glass were nominated for the other board seats.
At 19:42, nominated officers and board members were unanimously elected by show of hands.

Steve Steps then presented a summary of SARA programs and events over the last two years; an impressive list, indeed!
He then led an open discussion of what members would like to do over the next (at least) 3 months:
• More people SCCo credentialing program
◦ Walk-through event before “test” – reduce anxiety
• Publicize via Meet-Up group
◦ More events that are fun and educational
◦ E.g., Parks on the Air (POTA)/Get on the Air (GOTA) type events
• Restart drills post-Covid; e.g. drive around like before
• More CERT/SARA drills
• Club is a mixture of different interest: EmComm/HF/Field Day/etc.
◦ Can we make group more cohesive?
• Better publicity: e.g. active links
• Create list of subjects; then find who is available to present?
• Retention issue: New Ham listens on radio and hears nothing.
• Survey of membership: Interests, etc.? Last survey had very poor response.
• Send brochure/welcome to all new Hams/new license/renewal/upgrades
◦ Some vendors offer free radios. Some clubs offer upgraded antennas to new members.
◦ Advertise programs/events via K6SA – like the 2 minute Sunday night net message.
• Broadcast SCCo events “news”
◦ Advertise on the various Ham nets.
• Immediate Actions
◦ CERT/SARA gathering – announce “rebirth” after Covid; invite Chuck Rader to SARA meetings.
Meeting Adjourned at 21:04