Drill Info (August 2021)

Saratoga Quarterly City Communications Drill

2021-08-21  10:00 – 11:30 (likely 1 hour)

Net Control will be monitoring the SARA repeaters on 146.655 MHz, minus offset, PL of 114.8 Hz or on our linked 70cm repeater at 443.150 MHz, positive offset, PL 100 Hz.

The objectives of this drill include:

  • How to check-in to the net with a Mike-Mike report
  • How to report on preliminary damage assessments
  • Use of both the repeater and our Tactical simplex frequency

Make sure you have the following programmed into your radio:

  • Repeater: 146.655 – PL 114.8
  • Repeater: 443.150 + PL 100
  • Simplex: 146.505

As close to 10:00 AM as possible, the Net Control operator will open the net and all participants will check-in with a standard-formatted Mike-Mike report.

This will be in the form of:

Net ControlParticipant
I’m taking check-ins with a Mike-Mike 7 or 8 only 
N6ADE, go ahead 
 N6ADE, Drill Traffic, Saratoga-Sunnyvale and Prospect, Mike-Mike 7, N6ADE
Copy N6ADE, can you do some damage assessments around your immediate area? 
 Affirmative, N6ADE

Here is the standard Modified Mercalli (“MIKE-MIKE”) Scale:

Mike -MikeDefinition
Mike-Mike 1Not felt at all
Mike-Mike 2Felt by persons at rest, especially on upper floors
Mike-Mike 3Felt indoors, objects swing; like light truck passing
Mike-Mike 4Windows, dishes rattle; standing cars rock; walls creak
Mike-Mike 5Felt outdoors; liquids disturbed/spilled; pictures move; doors
swing; small items displaced
Mike-Mike 6Windows, dishes, glassware broken; books off shelf; pictures off
walls; furniture, lamps moved/toppled
Mike-Mike 7Difficult to stand; noticed by drivers of cars; waves on ponds;
furniture broken; chimneys, plaster falls
Mike-Mike 8Steering of cars affected; damage to masonry; towers &
elevated tanks fall; branches broken; frame houses move

If you are willing to visit a few sites around your neighborhood, please consider the following a potential list of infrastructure.  We have also provided some potential responses that you can give.

If you are unable to visit the following sites,(or would rather stay home) you could look up the sites on Google maps and report what you see. 

Alternatively, you could just make up an incident report.

Please tell net control in this form:

Net ControlParticipant
 Net Control, N6ADE with traffic
Go ahead, N6ADE 
 “This is drill traffic” “At Starbucks, no power, I don’t know how we are going to survive this” “End of message”
Thank you for your report, Net Control N6… 
 N6ADE clear

At some time, the Net Control operator may ask you to move to a simplex channel to complete the message passing.  If you are able:

Tell the net control operator that you will switch to 146.505 Simplex

Check-in to 146.505

Transfer your message

After being told to return to the repeater, please switch back and tell the net control operator: “N6ADE is back with you”

If you are not able to switch to 146.505, tell the net control operator:

Unable to switch, I would like to remain on the repeater.

Then, follow any net control guidance

SiteWhyLocationPossible report / action
Prospect Road sewage pumpThis is critical infrastructure from an environmental standpointSE corner of Prospect and Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd.If you hit a red light, report:
“Looks OK, generating running”
    “No power, no fans, generator not running”
Power lines along the railroad tracksThis is a major high voltage line that feeds much of Saratoga and CupertinoJoe’s Trail parking lot.  Under the powerlines just south of the railroad tracks on Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd.If parking lot has > 3 cars, report:
“Lines may be down to the east”
“Lines look OK”
Argonaut Shopping CenterCould be a collection point from the hillsides alone Pierce Rd.12876 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd.Report a made up scenario like:
Power, many shoppers, all looks good
No power, shoppers trying to buy goods, chaos
Saratoga High SchoolPossible Red Cross Shelter20300 Herriman AveIf > 10 people on the track, report:
All structures look good, this can be a shelter site
Some damage, better ask American Red Cross to inspect first
Starbucks 14410 Big Basin Way DIf parking lot full, report:
Game over, no coffee, we’re bleeped.
Coffee available, let’s continue the exercise
Our Lady of Fatima VillaLarge population of residents likely needing more assistance20400 Saratoga-Los Gatos Rd.If people seen, report:
Structures look good, no issues noted
Some damage seen, fire department on scene
West Valley CollegeLikely POD (Point of Distribution) site, shelter, large animal collection site.Corner of Fruitvale and Allendale avenuesGo to new softball field on east side of campus (“E College Circle”) across from pool) If more than 2 pieces of construction equipment (backhoes, man-ups, tractors, etc.) are present:
Report “equipment is available for emergency use.”
Report “No equipment available.  Need to look elsewhere.”
West Valley College Corner of Fruitvale and Allendale avenuesGo to tennis courts on south side of campus (“S College Circle”.) If the courts are empty:
Report “Space is available for emergency triage location.”
Report “No space for triage.  Need to look elsewhere.”
Redwood Junior High School Soccer Field Across Allendale from Joan Pasani Community Center Are kids playing soccer? If fields empty:
Report, “Space available for city EOC post”
If fields occupied:
Report, “Earthquake will need to come on another day.”
Cycle Bar 5293A Prospect Road San JoseExercise scene out behind bldg. If people seen active, report:
Exercise underway, no issues
Else report:
Empty or if people down and hurt, Ambulance called
Prospect CenterCERT staging site, ‘North side’ communications capability19800 Prospect Road SaratogaGreen ERT hut out back Is hut Open and manned? If Yes, report:
as functional and check in
Locked up, No ham gear available. Report that we are SOL
Peets Coffee 12148 Saratoga/Sunnyvale RoadBusiness open? If yes:
Report that we are safe and grab a cuppa joe
We are hosed. Gonna’ be a rough morning.
Argonaut School 13200 Shadow Mountain Dr SaratogaKids playing soccer? If yes:
Report fields are full and all is well
Report fields are empty, Red Cross could use

ICS-214 Unit Activity Log

ICS-309 Communications Log