Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2019/11/06

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on November 6, 2019, held at the Saratoga Main Fire Station.

Attendees (23)

Allie Cassidy                  N6ALI
Mike Turner                  N6DXQ
Jack Griswold                  KM6ZWR
John Glass                    NU6P
Ron Jones                     AJ6EG
Mike McGuire               KM6VZL
Phil Wayman                KM6RCS
Stan Roberts                 AB6SR
Walter Spector             W6WS
Wayne Opp                  N6BTU
Bob Perlman                 W6BP
Srinath Sudarsanam      KN6EKQ
Chris Donovan              KI6WGK
Alex Donovan
Tim Stekle                    KN6FGH
Michael Millen              AI6OI
Timothy O’Connor        
Paul Wesling                 KM6LH
Steve Steps                   AJ6HM
Diana Steps
Brian Whitaker              AG6WR
Eben Haber                   K6EBN
Carol Cassell                 KN6EYZ

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 by SARA President, Ron Jones  AJ6EG

Guest Speaker and Topic

Speaker :           Paul Wesling – KM6LH

Topic:               The Origins of Silicon Valley: Roots in Ham Rasio               



Previous meeting minutes were not readily available and no reading or approval was conducted.

Business Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Ron Jones at 9:30 pm

Membership Outreach

SARA will do a mailing to local hams using mailing list supplied for free by ARRL. The thrust will be:

·        Get some previous and new members engaged with the club
·        Notify previous members of the upcoming SARA 30th year celebration being held on December 7.

ARES Recruitment

We have an ongoing effort to get more Saratoga area hams to register with ARES/RACES,

SARA 30th Anniversary Celebration

SARA was formed on 12/15/1989
30th Anniversary party is planned for 12/07/2019 at the Friendship Hall (on Prospect Road)

Cost of the hall is covered by the city of Saratoga

SARA will cover the cost of the food

Meeting was closed at 9:50 PM by Ron Jones – AJ6EG.

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