Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes BOD 2019/07/17

Minutes for the Board Meeting on July 17, 2019


            Ron Jones, AJ6EG
            Peter Melhus, AA6PM
            Jeff Walker, N6ADE
            Walt Spector, W6WS
            John Glass, NU6P

Meeting called to order by Ron Jones at 19:42

Reports of officers and standing committees:

President’s report:

  • Field Day outing
    • Four SARA members went to the Palo Alto Field Day (Peter, Ron, Rebecca, Davina)
    • They had 5 to 6 stations up including a GOTA station
    • Great outing, stayed 1 1/2 hours, spoke to many participants and club leadership
  • Net Checkins
    • Between October 2018 – January 2019 : Averaged 20.3 checkins / week
    • Between January 2019 – April 2019 : Averaged 24.4 checkins / week
    • Between April 2019 – July 2019 : Averaged 24.9 checkins / week
  • Membership outreach
    • Need to obtain Saratoga ham mailing labels from wither ARRL or QRZ
    • Need to then reduce the list by those who moved out, silent keys, and current members
    • Then, we can get a good mailing out to try to grow the club
  • Club Outreach
    • Ron met with the palo Alto club president and is in contact with the Los Gatos club leadership
    • Will continue to reach out to neighboring clubs to see what sharing or synergy is there

Meetings & Events Chair – Peter

  • Schedule is rather full for all of 2019
    • Aug      Annual Picnic (Joint SARA / CERT members and families)
    • Sept     Ed Fong
    • Oct       Brent – Message Passing
    • Nov      The origins of Silicon Valley

   Treasurer Report

  • $4,598 in the bank
  • $40 in cash
  • 29 members


  • Jeff cutover the site to a WordPress site
  • Ron commented that we might be missing a Officers page
  • Ron also pointed out that the Contact Us page may not be fully built out

Off Topic Discussion

  • Pacificon is coming up October 18-20.
    • Maybe promote a group drive up on Saturday
    • At least promote it on our website
  • We should do a better job monitoring the repeater and answering QSOs
  • Maybe find out if any club members is interested in learning or improving their CW skills
  • Maybe find out if anyone is trying to prepare for a license upgrade (if so, maybe partner up or find a mentor for topic areas)

Previous unfinished business

  • Net check-in time
    • Decided to leave at 9:00 pm (no truly better time could be found)
  • ARRL Field Day
    • Discussed earlier in this report
  • August meeting will be the picnic
    • Saturday, August 17 12:00 noon – 4:00 PM
    • Warner – Hutton House
    • 13777 Fruitvale Ave
    • Will have tours of: EOC, CERT storage, CERT trailer, SARA Repeater, maybe a visit by the local fire department
    • Lunch will be hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, soft drinks, water, condiments, salads.
    • Bring your own beer
    • $5 per adult, under 18 free

New business

  • Santa Clara County Drill – 9/28
    • Recommended that we pair up with Los Gatos and run an exercise with them
  • We might want to assist with mapping out a better CERT / Ham FRS/HT communications topology
    • Found that many CERT divisions are unable to use FRS radios across the full territory of their division
    • We might have the expertise to help identify a few go forward plans
  • Google maps of Net Check-ins

Meeting adjourned 21:30

Respectfully submitted, Jeff Walker, Secretary

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