Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2020/02/05

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on February 5, 2020


Jeff WalkerN6ADE
John GlassNU6P
Tom ServerNT6S
Mike TurnerN6DXQ
Jack GriswoldKM6ZWR
Wayne OppN6BTU
Larry HawkinsonKJ6GMN
Mike McGuireKM6VZL
Frank MayerWB6WPM
John YontzAA6JY
Yin ShihN9YS
Diane Steps
Steve StepsAJ6HM
Allie CassidyN6ALI
Kristen McIntyreK6WX

Meeting called to order by Jeff Walker at 19:30

Business meeting started 19:30 (started to give the speaker time to properly setup)

Treasurer’s Report (Don Steinbach):
39 paid members
$6,059 in the bank and:
$145.90 to be deposited
$137.19 outbound for GoDaddy
approx. $100 for PO Box rent

We discussed the 2/22/2020 drill (10:00 am until 12:00 noon)

Guest Speaker:

Kristen McIntyre (K6WX) Vice-Director, Pacific Division, ARRL

Some of her discussion focused on:

  • Many of the committees she is on:
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    • IT Modernization Committee
    • Log Book of the World (standing committee)
  • Biggest Issues
    • How to get people 17 and up and keep them
    • Licensed but do not stay
  • Parity Act
  • Frequencies
    • 3GHz under threat
    • LTE V (unlicensed)
    • 5g
  • “On the Air” Magazine
    • Bi-monthly
  • Callout for writers to write articles for QST. Many articles needed
    • Contest
    • M-Comm
    • Technology
    • Organizer
    • DXer
  • HF Digital modes
    • 300 baud limit
    • PACTOR HF modem (from SCS)
      • Version 4 disallowed because of baud rate
  • Other passing comments:
    • ARRL is very respected by the FCC
    • We are in tough times
    • Need to clearly define the ARRL’s purpose
    • Please stick with the ARRL
    • Only 17% of licensed HAMs are ARRL members
    • Wants to see the ARRL give value to us all.

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Business meeting adjourned 20:57

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