Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2020/03/04

Minutes for the SARA Meeting on March 4, 2020


Jeff WalkerN6ADE
Mike TurnerN6DXQ
Peter MelhusAA6PM
Peter CommandeurKM6TYH
Mike GitschelK6QFO
Yin ShahN9YS
Paul WeslingKM6LH
John GlassNU6P
Tom ServerNT6S
Mike FlowersK6MKF
Mallik (VU2SMQ)WA1SM
Jack GriswoldKM6ZWR
John YontzAA6JY
Wayne OppN6BTU
Don SteinbachAE6PM
Diane Steps
Steve StepsAJ6HM
Mike McGuireKM6VZL
Allie CassidyN6ALI

(19:30) Meeting called to order by Peter Melhus

Introduction of all members

(19:37) Guest speaker: Mike Flowers

(20:28) Officer Reports

  • Vice President (Peter Melhus)
    • April meeting
      • Emergency communications
      • County Credentialing (Level 4 sign-off)
  • Secretary (Jeff Walker)
    • Minutes just published a few days ago
    • PayPal integration is ongoing
  • Treasurers report (Don Steinbach)
    • Solvent
    • ~ $6,000 in the bank
    • $108 outbound for P. O. Box rental
    • 49 members
  • Other:
    • Packet issue at the EOC
      • Likely lithium battery (internal to the Kantronics TNC)

(20:35) Other business:

  • Paul commented that the anniversary party was great
  • Peter indicated that SARA badges are available. Need to contact Jeff with your request
  • Discussion of the last quarterly drill:
    • Marriage of CERT & ARES/RACES worked well
    • Generated ‘real-world’ traffic and locations to operate from
  • Somewhat ‘off-topic’ items:
    • Meeting attendance
      • In the past, meeting attendance was in the 6-8 members range
      • Now, 12 to 16 members present
      • A fair amount of club growth is from CERT
      • Could have the impact of driving off non-emergency communications types or HF operators
      • We, as a club, need to maintain a good balance
    • A future meeting will have to be a ‘Intro into HF’
    • Paul Wesling is involved with scouting and sees some renewed interest in teaching radio communications to the scouting community
    • There was a comment that is a great site to learn and develop your skills (something lie $20 for two years)

(20:57) Meeting adjourned

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