Net Control Rotation

The following folks are currently participating in the net rotation for the K6SA evening net at 9:00 PM on Sundays. We are currently building out our next rotation of net control operators and here is the current status. Any position marks as ‘Available’ may be picked up by anyone who wishes to participate. Please give me an email if interested.

Jeff Walker N6ADE (stand-in Net Control Manager)
email address: net (at)

Net DateNet Control OperatorCallStatusTopic
01/03/21JackKM6ZWRConfirmedBattery maintenance
01/10/21GaryKN6GDDConfirmedProgramming your radio without a computer
01/17/21JeffN6ADEConfirmedPortable outdoor antenna supports
01/24/21BettyWB6BTYConfirmedHam radio in the rain
01/31/21AlieN6ALIConfirmed Go Kits
02/07/21PeterAA6PMConfirmed Power or height? Which is better
02/14/21JackKM6ZWRFill in RF safety
02/21/21AndreaK3ECFConfirmed Repeater output simplex test
02/28/21BrentN6CJNConfirmedPacket, What is it, why use it, How to get involved
03/07/21MorrisAD6ZHConfirmedOther Bands to consider 220, 6m, 1.2Ghz
03/14/21EbenK6EBNFlashlights and emcom
03/21/21RayW6ZFConfirmedA good second Radio
03/28/21AvailableRepeater .505 simplex test
04/04/21StanWE6STSimplex repeater test .595 
04/11/21TeriKI6VYIConfirmedTips for Net Control operations 
04/18/21DonAE6PMConfirmedCreating a portable Net Control station
04/25/21JackKM6ZWRConfirmedA clipboard and writing instruments
05/02/21GaryK6BCVLogging for Net Control, Why it is important
05/09/21JeffN6ADEConfirmed2M simplex text HT and Base Stations
05/16/21BobW6BPFill inScreening messages before sending, Ask questions
05/23/21AllieN6ALIConfirmedConnectors and adapters, In every Go kit
05/30/21PeterAA6PMConfirmedOn the air, Managed Net, Round Robin, Free for all
06/06/21MorrisAD6ZHFill inDSW and working a real emergency
06/13/21JeffN6ADEFill inRepeater output simplex test
06/20/21StanWE6STConfirmedPL and DCS access tones and codes